Our Technologies

iTero Element™ 2 Intraoral Scanner

iTero Element 2 scanner allows faster, safer and more comfortable imaging process for patients. It creates instant 3D images on screen with no radiation or x-rays involved. No messy putty, no trays, no gagging. It reduces patient stress and provides increased accuracy and better fittings in procedures such as implants, crowns and orthodontics. Patients can see the results right away and can even visualize their new smiles. Plus, treatment progress can be tracked with each visit and treatment plans can be adjusted in real time.

Schick Digital X-Rays

Schick Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography decreases exposure to radiation by 70% as compared to conventional dental x-rays. Film and plastic holders are replaced by an electronic sensor that is easily positioned inside your mouth. Digital images which can be enhanced and magnified for more details can be seen on a monitor in real time.

OraVital® Biofilm Diagnostics

Bad breath, loose teeth, bleeding gums and pockets are all symptoms of oral infection such as gingivitis and periodontitis. The OraVital System assesses the microbial environment in your mouth by analyzing samples of your oral biofilm. A combination of antibiotic/antimicrobial rinses and cream can be prescribed to restore a healthy bacteria balance, controlling infection and reducing risk of cavities.

Emergency Protocol
Our clinic is equipped with a portable defibrillator and an oxygen tank to handle medical emergencies.